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Eva McFadden – Assistive Technology Consultant

Hello from Halifax on this cold, cold day.

Today I had the pleasure of observing a 6-year old use this game for the very first time. Sierra, who can be quite temperamental”, does not always enjoy new things. However, the smiles and giggles while being helped through her first game of Snakes and Ladders were memorable and infectious. She helped count the spaces, loved the auditory feedback, worked on taking turns and even activated the dice roll independently towards the end of her playing time. What a wonderful opportunity this game will provide for peer interaction as her classmates will line-up to play it with her.

Finally, her itinerant teacher of the visually impaired credits the TTT and the SAL2 software with Sierra’s newly developed awareness of braille and her willingness to track a line of braille characters to receive the auditory feedback and praise.

Many thanks for this new game.


Eva McFadden
APSEA Assistive Technology Consultant
5940 South St.,
Halifax Nova Scotia

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touchEva McFadden – Assistive Technology Consultant

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