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Talking Tactile Sculpture

  • SDMA 3D printed Sculpture full front view
    SDMA 3D printed Sculpture full front view

The 3D print for our Talking Tactile Sculpture of the San Diego Museum of Art’s Guanyin Bodhisattva has been completed. This talking sculpture will be painted with a gold epoxy coating and equiped with touch sensitive technology. Mounted on a speaker pedestal, it will be displayed at SDMA and will allow visitors to explore an interactive version of this very important sculpture.

Because our interactive figure will be mounted from the back and not standing on a pedestal, a “bonus feature” will be revealed.  It is believed that, “The SDMA’s Kuan Yin is unique in that it bears two characters of the Kingdom’s title “Ta-li” on the soles of both feet. While the “ta” is clearly shown, the “li” is covered by a support bracket soldered on the foot, which was added later perhaps for display purposes.” [Sung Yu for Focus East].  Our figure will include these markings and let visitors feel them and hear the spoken description.

Check back for more progress on this exciting exhibit. In the meantime, visit SDMA’s talking painting or their tactile artbook.

touchTalking Tactile Sculpture

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