Beautiful Production Work

San Diego Talking Tactile Panel

Talking Tactile Exhibit Panel is now installed at the San Diego Museum of Art. This touchable panel presents Still-life with Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber, by Juan Sanchez Cotán, Spain,1600.
San Diego Talking Tactile Panel Detail

Exciting New Technology

TTHead image
Touch Graphics is currently developing technology to create talking tactile 3d objects including the Talking Tactile Head. Learn more here.

Improving Accessibility

Example of a Textbook Diagram

Touch Graphics is part of Benetech's Diagram Center Initiative. This project focuses on developing tools for image description in textbooks.

Sharing Knowledge

Detail of Perkins Campus Model

Perkins School for the Blind President, Mr. Steven Rothstein demonstrating the Talking Campus Model for the Vice President of Liberia, Mr. Joseph Boakai.

Touch Graphics is now in Europe. Located in Barcelona, Spain, Touch Graphics Europe will allow us to more easily serve our European customers.
Click Here to visit TG Europe

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Upcoming Events

American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference 2014
February 27 - March 1, 2014
Brooklyn, NY
Presentation: New Directions in Tactile Graphics:
APH US Map for Talking Tactile Pen

CSUN Conference 2014
March 17-22, 2014
San Diego, CA
Presentation: DIAGRAM Center’s Tools for Improving Image Descriptions

Conference for National Art Education Association (NAEA)
March 29-31
San Diego, CA
Ting Siu presenting with Rebecca McGinnis of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Inclusive Learning through Technology in Art Museums and Classrooms 

AER North Carolina 2014 Conference
April 24-26, 2014
Winston Salem, NC
Presentation: Latest developments in audio-tactile learning with the Talking Tactile Pen

Education in Action: TTT and SAL2

Watch a video of a 7 year old student using the Talking Tactile Tablet with the SAL2 Mangold Braille Reading Program. Learn more.


Advancing Ideas

3d Head image
A new concept in video chat. Touch Graphics is working on new technology using a 3d talking head. Learn more here.

Streaming Media

<Click here> for a video demonstration of the Chicago Lighthouse Talking Map Kiosks. <Or here> to learn more.

Pen video image

<click here> for a video demonstration of the Talking Tactile Pen.

Listen to a Podcast with Larry Lewis of Flying Blind, LLC about Touch Graphics products.
Listen to a WCBS Radio interview about the WiiCane.
to a New York Times TechTalk podcast about the TTT with Karen Gourgey of Baruch College's Computer Center for the Visually Impaired.
to a podcast with Larry Skutchan of American Printinghouse for the Blind and Steven Landau as they check out the Talking Tactile Tablet at the 2006 CSUN conference.

Listen to a multi-part podcast with Lynette Tatum. about the basics of the TTT, and includes demos of the Match game, Atlas, etc.

demonstrates the authoring features of the tablet.

Product Price Lists and Brochures

Product Reviews

Check out our new Product Reviews page in our Online Store. Click here to submit your own review

US Map with Interactive Talking Tactile Pen

TG Holiday Photo

The Unites States talking tactile map will soon be availble through American Printing House for the Blind. Learn more.

Talking Tactile Pen in Action

Watch a video demonstration of the Teapots Book for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Learn more.

Furthering Education

TTGlobe Rendering
Talking Tactile Globe
is currently under development. Click here to learn more.

User-friendly Products

Chicago Lighthouse Logo

Talking Tactile Pen & Apps
Now taking orders for the newest thing in accessible graphics: The Touch Graphics/SKERI Talking Tactile Pen. Many terrific Apps are now available.
Click here to order
Also available for purchase online and by calling (in USA) 800-884-2440 or by email.

STEM Bridges
**New** STEM Human Skeleton Page

Providing Access and Information

Touch Graphics is pleased to announce the completion of The National Air and Space Museum, Udvar-Hazy Center Audio-Tactile Museum Guide.Click Here to Learn More
Shark Tactile Graphic
View a video demonstration of the guide

The Future of Touch

furniture Rendering

smartGrips are currently under development. Click here to learn more

Branching Out

furniture Rendering

Universal Kinetic Furniture  promotes a smaller-footprint lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Universal Kinetic Furniture is for sleeping, eating, convalescing, consuming media, storing your stuff, working and communicating.Click here to learn more