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Lucia Hasty – Power Chord Keyboard

This past week my regular N-key rollover keyboard that has always accepted multi-key entry for braille, just stopped working in that mode. It works great for typing, but all of a sudden not braille. This was not a good time for that to happen.

I have been very busy with a team revising our state braille competency tests and materials to be available in UEB by Fall. There are 19 major components of these materials, so it is a pretty big job. When my regular keyboard stopped working, I remembered that I had the Power Chord so I got it out, plugged it in and Voila! braille input again. I was able to get lots of work completed, thanks to Power Chord. I am so grateful to have it!!!

Lucia Hasty
Braille & Tactile Design Expert
Rocky Mountain Braille Associates LLC
(Touch Graphics Consultant)

touchLucia Hasty – Power Chord Keyboard

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