DIAGRAM Center Initiative

DIAGRAM Center Initiative – Presorting Textbook Images for Accessibility

DIAGRAM Center focuses on the difficult problem of adapting textbooks that include a lot of images and graphics for use by students who are visually impaired. Since there is currently no fully automated way to render images in accessible format, it appears that human intervention will be needed to interpret visual graphics and to produce terse, clear verbal descriptions. Given this reality, DIAGRAM Center seeks to create tools that streamline the process of transcribing textbooks into digital speech and braille formats.

Touch Graphics has brought together a group of experts to carry out this project. Team members include lead by Benetech and including Lucia Hasty of Rocky Mountain Braille Associates, Joshua Miele, Ph.D of Smith-Kettlewell Institute, Yue-Ting Siu, and Valerie Morash.

Click here to read the first year Final Report: PDF DOC

If you’d like to try your hand at sorting images, click here to go to sorting tool.

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