smartGrips measure hand-grip parameters in humans, and send readings wirelessly to a smartphone or game console. These low-cost squeeze transducers are useful in full-body gaming (such as Kinect), or in tele-operation of robots and other equipment. SmartGrips rely on technology* for determining finger pressure on irregular plastic forms.

Each smartGrip measures finger or hand touch intensity at 20 key locations. Recognition algorithms watch for pre-established prehension patterns in the data stream, triggering events in the context of a game or activity.

A new company, Prehension Tools, will carry out R&D surrounding smartGrips, hopefully leading to rapid roll out of a series of new products for the gaming and tele-operation markets.

*pressure sensing technology in smartGrips was originally developed by Touch Graphics, Inc., as demonstrated in the Perkins Campus Talking Model. Patent-pending.

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