Boston Museum of Fine Arts Teapots Book

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Debuts Style: Period Details Explored in Teapots

Visitors can now learn about the BMFA’s collection of American teapots in audio-tactile format. Each teapot is rendered as a touchable bas-relief illustration; visitors can explore these detailed images through a combination of vision and touch sense. As they explore each image, users can touch any part with a Talking Tactile Pen to hear detailed description and explanations. Taken as a whole, this experience builds an understanding of the development of style through Rococco, Federal, Empire, Art Deco, and Modern styles of the decorative arts.

This project illustrates the power the Talking Tactile Pen, a sophisticated but practical tool. Museums are now using the TTP to create universally accessible guides to their collections and facilities. Learn more about those projects:

Watch this video demonstration of the Teapots book.

Please contact us to discuss how this inexpensive and powerful new tool can be implemented in your museum.

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