Talking Tactile Tablet 2 (TTT)

The Talking Tactile Tablet, nicknamed “TTT” or “T3″, is an inexpensive, rugged and simple computer peripheral device designed for use as a “viewer” for audio/tactile materials. A hinged, weighted frame holds one of a large collection of tactile graphic sheet motionless in place against a touch-sensitive surface.

A substantial, and growing, library of engaging and educational applications has been produced for use on the TTT platform.

This stylish unit works the same as the original version, but it is lighter, smaller and more ergonomic. It is still built out of solid steel and aluminum, so it is practically indestructible, and it still connects to a PC computer with a single USB cable!

Young girl using the TTT with teacher
Young Girl using TTT unit with teacher
TTT open
TTT unit open
Student using the TTT
Student using TTT.


Talking Tactile Tablet (TTT) Bundle
$ 799.00

TTT unit with Atlas Sheet

TTT with Atlas Sheet

This bundle includes a TTT unit and a starter software bundle.

Includes: USB cable, product manual, and starter software bundle: World Map, TTT Match Game, TTT Snakes & Ladders and the TTT Authoring Tool with three sample overlay sheets.

Requires: PC with windows 98 or higher, or Intel Mac running Windows.

Note: The full World Atlas, full Authoring Tool, and Authoring Tool templates may be purchased separately. Braille Literacy Software, like SAL2,  can also be purchased separately.

Please contact us at 800-884-2440 or to purchase.

touchTalking Tactile Tablet 2 (TTT)