WiiCane Touch Graphics has developed¬†WiiCane, a system for promoting proper use of the long cane in orientation and mobility training for young children and others. WiiCane uses Wii motion tracking technology to provide real-time feedback as users walk up and down a 30′ long indoor course. By practicing with WiiCane, some users may learn to walk straight without veering, potentially leading to safer independent travel.

The WiiCane system consists of four components:

  • A modified telescoping graphite mobility cane with a Wii Remote mounted in an aluminum yoke.
  • A modular, 30′ long overhead track (looks like a standard lighting track).
  • A touch screen PC computer preloaded with the WiiCane software.
  • A belt for holding a second WiiRemote for position tracking along the course -wrist holders for two additional Wii Remotes (optional, for training deaf-blind travelers).

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This work is funded from a Steppingstones of Technology Grant (H327A080028A) awarded by the Office of Special Education Programs, United States Department of Education.

A young girl using the WiiCane with help from her instructor.
A young girl using the WiiCane
A diagram showing the WiiCane's parts: grip, aluminum frame, Wii remote, pivoting holder, graphite shaft, telescoping section and roller tip.
A diagram showing the WiiCane's parts
WiiCane remote close-up photo
WiiCane remote close-up photo
A diagram showing the entire WiiCane System
A diagram showing the entire WiiCane System