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Ruchi Patil – Parent

I got my TTT a couple of weeks earlier for my 9 year old son. I was really waiting for it eagerly, especially for the tactile maps. I tried it and was impressed to have seen the sheet ids, the direction and arrow keys implementation, and the numeric keypad.

Regular school days have their own pressure, and I was waiting to share the device with my son, who took to it rather instantly. Just to be a little clearer, he uses a jaws enabled computer, and is not an enthusiastic Braille reader. I had my apprehensions about him liking the TTT.

But the tactile part in combination with the audio element has captured his attention. He loves playing the world tour game in particular, and inadvertently he has learnt the continents. And there is so much packed into this sheet, the game, the history, the facts that it keeps him engaged there, for an hour each day. And I too am happy that his time is used productively. I would recommend this product to any and every blind child, as part of his geography learning tool.

Thanks again for this device. Looking forward to more such apps coming up.

Ruchi Patil
Mumbai, India

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touchRuchi Patil – Parent

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