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Sister M. Elaine George – Teacher of the Blind/ Visually Impaired

Touch Graphics,

Today I cannot even imagine making a tactile diagram without audio labels. The TTT has simplified the labeling process. The scale of the diagram is no longer dependent on incorporating Braille abbreviations. There is no need for extension lines to label small areas thus confusing the original design. With the TTT, layers of information for each diagramed object can convey a wealth of information. Adapting my file of existing tactile diagrams to the TTT means simply to tape them to a template, use the authoring tool to outline regions, lines, and points, then type in audio labels as prompted for each defined object.

Educationally the TTT is a valuable concept development tool. Before the TTT, students associated places with the extent of the Braille label e.g. North America is equal to the label “North America”. With the TTT, students realize that North America is a region. Touching anywhere within that region broadcasts the audio label “North America”. Independently, they begin to explore the extent within raised boundary lines. In the same way the concept of the continuity of rivers flowing into seas is conveyed much better using the TTT.

Sister M. Elaine George, IHM
Teacher of the Blind/ Visually Impaired
St. Lucy Day School for Children with Visual Impairment
Upper Darby, PA

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touchSister M. Elaine George – Teacher of the Blind/ Visually Impaired

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